Jonathan's Swedish Car Repair

436 Cannon Street East,
Hamilton, ON L8L 2C8 CA
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Swedish car specialists. Saab and Volvo repair in Hamilton, Ontario.

5 Reviews

  • Dianne Twombly
    Dianne Twombly3 years ago

    I cannot recommend Jonathan highly enough. My first Volvo was really old and used to break down quite frequently--until I took it to Jonathan's Swedish Car Repair. He knows Volvos like nobody knows Volvos. That car never broke down once again even with 500k+ on it. I now have a newer Volvo and I would never take it anywhere else. Jonathan is honest, helpful, knowledgeable, and explains everything he does. He notices things I don't notice and takes care of them before they become major problems. His prices are reasonable and my car runs like a dream. I was always a Volvo fan but now I have no choice but to continue to buy Volvos since that's the only thing Jonathan fixes and I won't go anywhere else!

    2006 Volvo XC70
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  • Kevin MacLeod
    Kevin MacLeod3 years ago

    Johnathan and his team of automotive experts came over to us when we were stranded on the side of the road and offered their services. I have never seen such dedicated, thoughtful, and compassionate people who understand their clients, communicate with them, and ensure their well-being.

    If in Hamilton and you're looking for a mechanic that cares, go with Johnathan's Swedish Car Repair.

    2007 Hyundai Sante Fe
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  • Justine
    Justine7 years ago

    I recently discovered Jonathan's shop, completely by chance. I was happy with my previous mechanic, but I knew my Volvo was the only Volvo they serviced. So when I drove by and saw a Volvo only shop, I decided to take a risk and take my car there. I am so glad I did!! I was VERY impressed with the knowledge and service available. I was there during a particularly busy time for the shop so I had to wait longer than estimated, but that was OK. I feel like I left the shop understanding more about my car than ever before and feeling confident in the parts and service provided. I have 250,000 km on my Volvo and I plan to put another 250,000 on and I think this will be possible with Jonathan looking after it!

    2005 Volvo S40
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  • Joe
    Joe7 years ago

    If you want total professionalism then Jonathan at 'Jonathan's Swedish Car Repair' is the place to go. The garage and guys are: friendly, honest, trustworthy, have excellent Volvo knowledge and are generally faultless.

    Excellent! Worth buying a Volvo just to let Jonathan take care of it.

    1999 Volvo V70
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  • Kerrin
    Kerrin8 years ago

    Jonathan and his team know Volvos. I have an awesome 2004 S60R and I wouldn't let anyone else go near it. I've only needed seasonal tire changes and maintenance on this one but my previous car was an 1996 850 Turbo. I tried other shops but was never satisfied. It took me a while to find Jonathan but once I did, his team looked after that 850 real well for years. There hasn't been a need to fix anything on my S60R but when I need something, I know that Jonathan will be the right choice.

    His knowledge ov Volvos is excellent. Nothing has stumped him yet. His prices are reasonable to the extreme. I've never been surprised or disappointed with the value I get. His customer service skills are pretty darn good too. An added bonus. I have recommended John to other Volvo owners and would gladly do so again. He's that good.

    2004 Volvo R
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