Gary's Auto

1435 Wallace Road,
Oakville, ON L/L 2Y1 CA
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Quality service for Import and domestic cars in Oakville, specializing in Volvo repair.

2 Reviews

  • Steve
    Steve11 years ago

    I have been to Gary's Automotive with my 240 and S80 for the last five years. They have great service, competitive prices, and are very thorough.

    I actually happened to be there on Friday June 10th when Renee M (she wrote a review earlier) had her S60 in the shop. I believe Gary and staff handled her in the best way possible. She was complaining about all the previous mechanics that had worked on her car and kept insisting she deserved a discount. She also said her friend who was 'handy' could do the job for 1/3 of the price and wanted Gary to match that. Gary thought it was best for both parties if Renee were to get the required work done on her car elsewhere. The car was in pretty bad shape and didn't look like it had been looked after. Being there first hand I agree, I wouldn't want this lady as a customer either.

    I just wanted everyone who reads these reviews to know that Gary's Automotive is the best, most trustworthy mechanic I have ever been to. It would be a shame to overlook a great shop based on the review of, in my opinion, a crazy, bargain-hunting customer.

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  • Renee
    Renee11 years ago

    I had a horrible experience with Gary's Auto. The quote I got for brake rotors (parts and labour) was more expensive than the dealership itself. I asked to proceed with half of the recommended repairs and Gary refused to do it because I complained about high quotes. He kept my car for 2 days, charged me with 2 hours of diagnostic work and refused to do the repairs I asked for. Big ego and poor customer service skills.

    Volvo owners - stay away and save your money.

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