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Calgary's best Volvo repair and service center!

We maintain & service your European car to keep you safe and comfortable.

1 Review

  • Eleanor
    Eleanor9 years ago

    Just today I have been going a bit nuts trying to find information about Volvo. Had car towed to another shop last nite when it would not start. Sent there as I was going to have snow tires put on anyway. They called me this am to get security code.... I gave it to them and they called back a couple hours later to say that was only the radio code and I would have to take car to dealer to get security code.

    From my long journey into internet Volvo info....I could not find any reference to a code other than Radio Security Code. Tried to call several places - all closed today!

    When I called European Automotive Repair(quite close to home) to say I had a quick question....lady that answered the phone said she would have someone call me back. LO & BEHOLD!!... a few minutes later a gentleman called and was so helpful and friendly....even to the point he offered to go to the other shop to explain things to them for me!! AMAZING! I don't know how to spell his name but it is pronounced Radinko (?)....He said he would call me in the morning to arrange something!.. Thinking I might ask him if I can send car to him for repairs!!

    Thanks very much and look forward to hearing from you tomorrow. If your repair service is as good as your customer service, I will be most impressed!!

    1997 Volvo 850
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