Common Repairs on the Volvo XC40

The Volvo XC40 is a compact luxury SUV that is known for its distinctive, eye-catching styling and high-quality interior. The XC40 offers compact dimensions, a spacious interior and an urban-friendly design. It is a popular choice for those seeking a premium small SUV that excels in both form and function. Some common issues to be on the lookout for include:

Brake Problems: Issues with brake pedals not riveted properly and the automatic emergency braking system sometimes doesn’t engage when needed. These items have been recalled.

Transmission Issues: Owners have reported that the transmission hesitates or jerks when shifting gears. The transmission control module might be malfunctioning or it might be because of faulty sensors. Have an expert Volvo mechanic take a look.

Battery Drainage: Reports of the battery in the XC40 draining quickly have occurred. This may be due to a faulty wiring system. A software update may solve this, or you will need a new battery or wiring replacement.

Engine Issues: Some owners have heard engine knocking noises and experienced loss of power while driving. This can signify a faulty fuel pump or lack of oil.

Search for a local, independent Volvo repair shop with Volvo mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.