Common Repairs on the Volvo V90 II

The Second Generation Volvo V90 is a premium midsize luxury wagon that represents the epitome of Scandinavian design and innovation. Introduced in 2016, it boasts a sleek and elegant exterior design, while offering a spacious, high-quality interior that's loaded with modern technology and safety features. The V90 II combines robust engine options with a smooth and comfortable ride, making it a versatile choice for both long-distance cruising and daily commuting. Some known issues with the 2nd gen V90 include:

Infotainment System Problems: Issues with the infotainment system and display screen include the screen freezing or going black, connectivity problems and failure to respond to touch-screen selections.

Front Suspension Issues: If you hear a clunking noise or a rattling sound while driving over bumps, it may be due to worn or damaged suspension components.

Transmission Issues: Harsh shifting and delayed engagement have been reported by owners of the V90 II.

Brake Pad/Rotor Issues: Brake system issues are common with Volvos, many owners have noted that their brake pads wear unevenly and there is excessive brake dust. This may be due to a worn brake component or even a damaged one. Routine brake maintenance can help these problems before they become an issue.

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