Common Repairs on the Volvo S60 III

The Third Generation Volvo S60, which debuted in 2018, represents a significant leap in design and technology for this midsize luxury sedan. It is built on the Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platform, emphasizing sleek Scandinavian design, innovative safety features and robust performance. With its well-rounded package, the 3rd generation Volvo S60 competes effectively in the midsize luxury sedan segment, but it does not go without some faults.

Brake Problems: Some owners have experienced brake judder/shimmy issues. New rotors and pads can solve this problem, but a qualified Volvo repair specialist should check it out first.

Emission Tubes: There have been reports of the emission tubes becoming damaged and having to be repaired multiple times.

Instrument Panel Defect: The instrument panel has been known to turn black and completely go out, for no reason. Usually this is a digital display malfunction and you will need a replacement cluster.

Sunroof Problems: Owners have reported that the sunroof makes an odd noise when closing. Also, complains of the panoramic sunroof becoming jammed.

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