3rd Generation Volvo V70 Windscreen Problems

Volvo introduced their V70 as a spin-off of their flagship, the S80 executive car. Aimed at the mid-sized sedan market, the V70 featured state-of-the-art safety features, a new dashboard, and a wide range of packages like Sport, Luxury, Estate, and Torslanda. The 3rd generation, released in 2007, saw few drastic changes, but did include a slightly larger interior. Owners of this car often complain of windscreen problems.

When it rains, we rely on our wipers to whisk away all the droplets so that we can actually see where we are going. But sometimes the wipers don’t actually help at all. V70 owners sometimes experience their wipers making the visibility even worse because of a greasy film that they begin to smear over the glass as soon as they are activated. Cleaning the windshield with the fluid doesn’t seem to do anything—or, sadly, it just makes the situation worse. There are even claims that attempts to clean the windshield manually have resulted in no noticeable improvement.

What is going on here? Well, a really good place to start is by checking the fluid you are using for your wipers. Some of these fluids are particularly greasy, and while they may be able to cut down on larger clusters of dirt, they also leave a smorgasbord of streaks that make it just as hard to see anything.

Getting this film off of the windshield is no simple task, and requires a hefty amount of elbow grease. Also, it is not enough simply to clean the windshield, load up on new fluid, and go on your way: the reservoir needs to be well cleaned to erase any trace of the previous product. By taking your car to an independent Volvo maintenance expert, you can have each and every one of these issues taken care of, leaving you with a clean window and a safer ride.

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