2nd Generation Volvo S80 Seat Heater Problem

The Volvo S80 is a midsize luxury sedan marketed as a more affordable choice in the luxury market. These vehicle are highly dependable and one of the safest European models available. They come standard with several power options and amenities, from Bluetooth capability to navigation systems. Those these conveniences make for an enjoyable ride, they can be an inconvenience when they don’t function properly.

One of the most frequently reported problems with the accessory systems in the 2nd generation Volvo S80 concerns the heated seats. Volvo owners report that the low settings are so low that the occupant can barely tell they are on, and the high settings are so warm it makes the seat heater almost unusable. Sometimes, the seat heaters cease to function completely.

There are a couple of common issues that can contribute to seat heaters that don’t function properly. The settings for the heaters can be adjusted through the car’s computer system, and your local Swedish import mechanic can easily adjust that for you. The other issue may be in the Recirculation Control Unit, which involves replacing the part. Because both of these solutions require interfacing with the vehicle’s computer, we advise taking your Volvo to a professional.

The staff of your local import service shop will be happy to assist you with this or any other problems you may be experiencing with your 2nd generation Volvo S80. Their knowledge and expertise allows them to quickly and easily resolve this and any other issue you may experience with your Volvo.

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