2nd Generation Volvo S40/V50 Vibrations at High Speeds

World-class engineering and European design make the Volvo S40 one of the many sought after imports in the United States. These compact sedans are sporty and safe, appealing to many classes of consumers. Dependability and durability are synonymous with the Volvo brand and the S40 and V50 models are no exception. Though these vehicles are normally mechanically sound, some Volvo drivers experience problems with their vehicles.

A common complaint among some Volvo drivers is steering vibrations at high speeds, typically around 70 mph or so. The vibration can be felt even on smooth roads and may be greater at the rear of the vehicle. The vibration is typically not violent and is most often described as a slight sensation felt through the steering wheel.

Usually, the main causes of steering vibrations are tires that are worn unevenly, issues with the bushes in the steering system or even tires out of alignment. But in other cases, the cause of steering vibration may not be so easily identified. Because steering and controlling the vehicle are critically important parts of driving, do not wait to have your vehicle examined by a professional if this happens to you!

The friendly Volvo mechanics at your local import service center can run diagnostics on your vehicle and will be able to determine the source of any issue you may be have with your Volvo S40 or V50. They will also be able to determine what repairs are needed to quickly solve the problem and get you back behind the wheel.

Search for a local, independent Volvo repair shop with Volvo mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.