2nd Generation Volvo S40/V50 Rough Idling

The Volvo S40 and Volvo V50 are compact sports sedans marketed as the more affordable side of European compact imports. They are highly dependable and will most engine will gather over 200,000 miles in their lifetimes if properly cared for. These sedans are very safe, as Volvo engineers have taken great pains to guarantee satisfaction with their vehicles. Though the mechanical working of most Volvos are extremely sound, some Volvo S40/V50 owners still experience problems.

One of the most frequently reported mechanical problems with the Volvo S40/V50 is rough idling. This usually occurs with older vehicles, but may also happen in a car with less than 20,000 miles on it. The idling is described as very rough and may also cause the car to misfire. The problem usually occurs very suddenly and is not relieved by any decrease or increase in engine rpm’s.

Volvo has a known problem with the throttle body on the S40 model, and this may be the cause of rough idling. The fly wheel and clutch also may need to be replaced. These types of repairs require advanced mechanical knowledge of Volvo vehicles and are time intensive. Most home mechanics would be better served taking their vehicles to a Swedish auto import specialist to make these repairs.

The staff of your local Volvo service center will be happy to assist you with rough idling, or any other issues you may experience with your Volvo S40 or V50. They are committed to ensuring your satisfaction through the prompt and professional repair of your vehicle.

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