1st Generation Volvo XC90 Sunroof Leak

The Volvo First Generation XC90, 2002-present, was introduced at the 2002 Detroit Motor Show. Like other vehicles produced by this Swedish import manufacturer, the XC90 is known for its advancements in both style and safety. This sporty crossover SUV is designed to more safely displace the engine and other parts and systems in the even of a frontal collision, and extremely high-strength steel renders this auto particularly sturdy. Like any vehicle, however, the XC90 demonstrates a few common problems, including a sunroof leak.

The leak typically occurs in the passenger-side of the vehicle, and is usually the result of a clogged drain. At times, water visibly pools on the floor mat and floor. At other times, however, the issue goes unnoticed until an odor presents or a technician hears a sloshing sound during a test drive. Unfortunately, this leak can cause a variety of damages, such as rusted sensors, electrical failures, mold problems, and more.

Some XC90 owners attempt do-it-yourself prophylactic maintenance by cutting the rubber openings larger. Others attempt to fix the clog by removing the a-pillar and cleaning out the elbow area. The XC90 is a luxury vehicle, however, and owners should spend their time enjoying their SUV, not repairing it. Moreover, damage caused by botched do-it-yourself attempts will most likely not be covered by any potential warranties or recall-related offerings.

For quality service, like what you would find at a dealership, but for a more affordable price, consult an independent foreign service garage. These nearby garages will have the proper tools and resources to accurately troubleshoot and efficiently repair your XC90’s sunroof. These professionals specialize in the brand, and they will look forward to helping you with all of your Volvo needs.

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