1st Generation Volvo XC60 Parking Sensor Problem

The XC60, manufactured by Swedish automaker Volvo, is one of the most technologically advanced crossover SUV’s available today. The XC60 boasts a wide array of safety monitoring systems including Volvo’s City System, which can sense an impending collision and will automatically apply the brakes. It also has a Parking Sensor system, which will activate in the event of a rear end impact. Though these safety system can be critical in preventing an accident, the sensors do not always function as intended.

Often, Volvo drivers complain that the parking sensor will activate as they are driving down the road. Although this system does not automatically apply the brakes, the sudden noise from the alarm going off can startle anyone. This problem most often occurs when passing or being followed by another vehicle.

Sometimes, a minor adjustment to the license plate is all that is needed to rectify the situation. If adjusting the plate doesn’t work, there could be a more serious issue at hand. The parking sensor on your Volvo XC60 may need to be reset, or there could be a software issue. Upgrading the software typically must be performed at a licensed Volvo repair facility.

If you are experiencing problems with the parking sensors on your Volvo XC60, we recommend taking it to a professional for an evaluation. Your local Volvo service mechanic will examine your vehicle and advise you as to the needed repairs for your specific issue, without the pressure you may feel when you take your vehicle to the Volvo dealership.

Search for a local, independent Volvo repair shop with Volvo mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.