1st Generation Volvo XC60 Automatic Boot Switch Failure

In the realm of automobile manufacturers, Volvo’s brand is synonymous with both safety and dependability. The vehicles that Volvo produces are typically very practical, and consumers that purchase them usually cite their economical and safety advantages as major factors in their decision to purchase a Volvo. While the Volvo XC60 meets all of these criteria, it is also a compact luxury crossover SUV, which makes it a standout among Volvo’s normal line of sedans. Unfortunately, the XC60 does have some common problems that need to be addressed.

One such problem is that the automatic boot switch, which automatically opens the trunk by remote control. This is one of the most frequently reported electrical problems on the Volvo XC60. While it may work properly on your new vehicle, many owners report failure of this switch in the first 15,000 miles. The button will abruptly cease to unlock the boot with no warning, leaving the owner to unlock the trunk manually every time. This could pose several safety hazards beyond the inconvenience it causes.

The cause of the issue is typically a faulty micro switch and this can be easily replaced by your local Volvo service mechanic. This quick and inexpensive repair can be performed without the hassle of visiting the dealership. However, it could also be a problem with the trunk lock unit. If that’s the case, it could cost more and take more time to repair. In either case, take it to your nearby Volvo service center so they can properly diagnose and repair the vehicle, so you will be back on the road and enjoying your Volvo XC60 in no time.

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