1st Generation Volvo S80 Sunroof Problems

The 1st generation Volvo S80 was the Volvo companies bid to replace their saloon car, the Volvo 960. The flagship of the Volvo company, the S80 was initially released in 1998 with a cutting-edge safety features, a newly-developed gearbox, and four different engine options. Some owners experience problems with their sunroof, primarily strange noises.

At first, it might be difficult to discover that the sunroof is where the noise is coming from. There are a lot of things happening while you are driving, and a strange sound doesn’t always have a definite source. A good way to tell if it is the sunroof is to listen carefully while slamming the door and to pay attention to the sunroof when driving over uneven roads. These are two of the main situations when problematic sunroofs will make noise. You should also look carefully at the sunroof. Does it seem higher or lower than it should be? This is another indication that there might be a problem.

The most common place for sunroof noise and other problems lie with two metal supports that are glued to the car’s frame. When these supports come loose, they begin to knock against the glass. An uneven support will also lead to the glass dipping down or jutting up above the roof of the vehicle. Again, taking a good look at the sunroof can help you diagnose the problem yourself.

What do you do now? We strongly suggest that you bring your 1st generation Volvo S80 to a nearby import repair specialist. They can verify whether or not the supports are indeed the cause of the problem and can discuss with you the best course of action regarding any repairs that need to be made before your car can return to perfect working condition.

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