1st Generation Volvo S60 Transmission Shift Issues

The First Generation Volvo S60, manufactured from 2000-2009, is a compact executive car. Although this Swedish automobile was praised from the start, its design underwent a variety of changed throughout the years. For example, in 2005 bumpers with chrome linings and redesigned headlights were added to this already sport import. As with any make and model, however, this Volvo developed a few common problems, such as transmission shift issues.

Volvo drivers have reported instances of rough shifting, from first to second gear as well as from second to third gear. Owners have complained of failures to engage and terrible clunking sounds. Others yet have noted that the issue is so severe, their Swedish import squeals its wheels at times. Slipping and lurching have also been reported. The problem may be aggravated by hot weather, and the issue might seem worse during stop-and-go driving.

A variety of repairs might be necessary. For example, some Volvos need their entire transmissions rebuilt as early as 20,000 miles. Others might require a new transfer case or valve body, which can also be expensive repairs. Certain parts of the valve body, such as the solenoids, are known to stick. Alternatively, software issues might be at the root of the problem, and a simple update might remedy the malfunction.

Whether your Volvo is in need of a fluid flush or your entire transmission needs to be rebuilt, contact your local, independent Volvo mechanic for top-notch service. These experienced, well-trained, and compassionate professionals will be sorry to hear about your problems, but they will be ready to help you with accurate diagnostics and cost-effective repairs.

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