1st Generation Volvo S60 Cooling Fan Problem

The First Generation Volvo S60, made from 2000-2009, is a Swedish import with a P2 platform. Although the 4-door sedan was considered highly attractive from the start, the manufacturer made changes throughout the years, including the addition of a larger emblem and a new upholstery pattern in 2008. Although each model year was well received by Volvo enthusiasts, like any new vehicle, this sedan demonstrates a few common issues, such as a cooling fan problem.

Some drivers have notices their cooling fan running continuously and the AC failing to work. In the event of such circumstances, your Volvo might need a replacement fan module, or the issue might be the sensor. Other common causes of these malfunctions are low coolant levels or improper mixtures. Typically, a check-engine light does not accompany this situation.

Volvos that have been in front-end accidents experience this issue more frequently. In this case, there might be a hole in the condenser and/or the intercooler. Similarly, if you are the second owner of your Volvo and you are unaware of its accident history, your vehicle might be at higher risk for this problem.

In the event that you experience cooling fan issues, contact your nearby foreign import service center as soon as possible. Repairing a damaged condenser or intercooler can be expensive, but misdiagnosis will only add to the cost of your troubleshooting. Furthermore, a highly trained, independent specialist will be ready and willing to help, and they will have the proper tools to effectively and efficiently correct any First Generation S60 malfunctions.

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