1st Generation Volvo C30 Rear Suspension Problems

The public was first introduced to the First Generation Volvo C30, 2006-2013, in 2006 at the Paris Motor Show. Immediately, this import received high praise for its advanced headlights, which can follow the curve of the road, and its Human Machine Interface, or HMI. Despite this hatchback’s impressive technology, like any make and model, the C30 tends to have a few common issues, like rear-suspension problems.

Owners have complained of squeaking and knocking sounds coming from the rear end of their vehicles. Typically, this is reported to happen when driving over speed bumps. The noises are both unsettling and obnoxious, at best.

Oftentimes the issue is, specifically, within the upper or lower suspension arm’s bushes. The control arms are hinged links between the chassis and the piece that carries the wheel. The bushing is attached to one end of the control arm, and unfortunately, in these situations, these parts cannot usually be repaired. Instead, they require replacement, and, for the safety of both you and your vehicle, such maintenance should not be delayed.

Consider consulting a specialized Volvo mechanic. These expert technicians will share your passion for Volvo, and they will know how knocking and squeaking noises can take away from the enjoyment of your stylish hatchback. They will understand that it is difficult to appreciate, for example, the C30’s impressive technologies while you are worrying about safety concerns. These professionals will have the knowledge and the tools specific to your import to be thorough yet efficient, and effective yet affordable.

Search for a local, independent Volvo repair shop with Volvo mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.