1st Generation Volvo C30 ABS Pump Module Failure

The First Generation Volvo C30, manufactured from 2006-2013, was introduced at the Paris Motor Show. It is a popular import known for a variety of high-tech features including cruise control that automatically maintains an appropriate distance from the next vehicle. Despite its advanced characteristics, like any car, this luxury import demonstrates a small handful of common issues, such as ABS pump module failure.

Oftentimes the first sign of an ABS, or anti-lock brake system, issue is the appearance of the anti-skid warning lights. There are a variety of reasons for such failures including but not limited to a continuously running motor.

Anti-lock brake systems have the ability to detect whether or not one or more of your Volvo’s wheels are attempting to lock up. If a wheel is trying to lock up, the system, through hydraulics, limits its braking. Without antilock brakes, your C30 could skid, and you could lose control of your vehicle. Because ABS problems are a serious safety issue, related pump module failures are typically not an appropriate do-it-yourself, at-home repair project.

In the event of a warning light, for the safety of you and your vehicle, we recommend contacting a nearby Volvo service shop immediately. A specialized import expert will be able to offer professional yet affordable solutions. They will have the skills and the knowledge to troubleshoot your C30’s common issues, and they will share your excitement about your trendy, high-tech hatchback. These professionals will want to return you, safely, to the enjoyment of the road as soon as possible.

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